God and Dating

Starting a new relationship is always an adventure. As a man we have to go through so many obstacles to achieve a first date. Even as we get the pleasure of the date we still have to show her more and pay(thats always important,lol). I know for me there is always a third individual involved in the process and yes its God. I cant go a day without him and do anything without him. So its not us that has to approve the dating,but God himself. Do not get my wrong I don’t always listen as I should because I have dated some women I needed not too. That is where we go wrong as a species,we don’t listen. God knows if this person is wrong for or the right one. That is why so many relationships are messed up now. you are either rushing or not listening.


Another factor is fornication. As adults we can act worse then teenagers about holding out for sex. Male or female,both cant be patient in the process. I mean is really to hard to wait a year until marriage? That is one question that you both should seek is where do we want this relationship to go. You date to get married and start a family. There should be a goal in dating. You don’t want to be O’dell Beckham and just wanting to show out and score. You should want to be like Julian Edelman and want to reach the SuperBowl every year.


Let God lead you to the right person. Save yourself some of the unnecessary heartbreak. Sometimes the heart never heals and you need it to heal. Bringing baggage from your past will destroy something that could blossom into greatness. Always pray before you enter in a new relationship and wait on God to answer. There is no rush to a bright future. Remember God is love and you must love him.